About Ukraine

We are glad to invite you to Ukraine. Our country is one of the biggest in Europe and can present its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, ancient history, delicious cuisine and hospitality.



Ukraine is abundant in all tourist attractions for travelers eager to learn more about the surrounding world, peoples inhabiting it, their history and folkways.

Boundless steppes, thick forests, groves, towering mountains, warm and caressing seas, wide rivers, cave labyrinths – put together, this cannot but attract tourists. Add to this numerous nature preserves, dendrological parks, rich museum collections, historical and cultural landmarks, unique creations of artisans and the picture becomes truly unforgettable:




    ü  A modern tourist industry has a wide network of hotels, camping grounds, resorts, tourist lodges. At present, Ukraine's tourist facilities can accommodate 10,000,000 visitors.



    ü  Ukrainians are a hospitable nation.



    ü  One of the oldest traditions is to meet guests with bread and salt, saying "Welcome!"



The best places to rest and to enjoy yourself the year round are:



    Ø  Capital of the county – gorgeous Kiev. One of the biggest cities of Europe, with monumental historical and cultural heritage and crazy night life.

    Ø  Best sea place - beautiful Odessa where you will find comfortable hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes, tennis courts, gyms, saunas, movie and concert halls, casinos and variety shows, and a beautiful beach.


    Ø  Air museum city Lviv - is a unique city in which history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged.

Ø      Carpathian Mountains are considered to be the Green Pearl of Ukraine. It is one of the most popular resorts and tourist centers of the country. A beautiful mix of natural areas, forests, meadows, shepherds and humans living in harmony with nature is what makes the mountains so attractive to tourists! An original nature of territory, beauty of its Alpine meadows and woods, rough rivers and mountain lakes, soft climate, curative mineral sources, the historical and architectural monuments can attract everyone to themselves.


ØØ Ø   Kamyanets-Podilsky, one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, is considered a phenomenon of great cultural importance. A rocky island skirted by the tight loop of the Smotrich River flowing in a picturesque canyon, served as a unique pedestal on which over more than a thousand years both well-known and anonymous masters created a miracle in stone. Kamyanets-Podilsky is striking for the harmonious blend of landscape and architecture.

    Ø  Chernihiv has known human settlement for over 2,000 years. The region comprises a very important historic region, notable as early as the Kyivan Rus' period, when the oblast' cities of Chernihiv and Novhorod-Sivers'kiy were frequently mentioned. The city of Chernihiv was the second most important Ukrainian city during the Rus' period of Ukrainian history, often serving as a major regional capital.

    Ø  Uman - dendro park Sophievka is the world's landscape architecture masterpiece of the end of 15th and the beginning of19th centuries. The park is spread over the territory of 154,7 h. and is situated at the outskirts of the ancient town Cherkassy, Uman region. It is considered to be the standard of the landscape composition of water, land, architectural works and sculptures. This masterpiece, which was created in the shortest period of time, still astounds the imagination of visitors.

    Ø  Poltava - a cosmopolitan city. Located between Kharkiv and Kyiv in Ukraine, Poltava is best known as the site of a 1709 battle between a coalition of Cossacks, led by Mazepa, and the Swedes (Charles XII) against the Russian army of Czar Peter I. The subsequent Russian victory in battle established Russian prominent position in Europe and consequently Ukraine decline. The battlefield and its monuments are the major draw. Places to see in the town include the October Park, the gun-barrel-shaped Column of Glory and the Spassky Church, which is actually an outer shell protecting an earlier, wooden church



We hope that you are interested in coming to Ukraine because we would love to have you here in our country. We invite you to enjoy the hospitality of our communities and the beauty of our landscapes! We invite you to appreciate the economic potential of our region! Welcome to Ukraine!




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