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Just imagine: you get to the place, where 30 years ago was a global catastrophe and you will walk on the ruins of the dead, abandoned city. Once there lived and worked people, and now made its way through the asphalt, grass and a 46.45 sq. M. km are in disrepair. Excursion to the Exclusion Zone - is what you are going to tell your friends, family, children and followers in social networks. Each picture you made will become a memory, and each walk will saturate the strongest flow of emotions that cannot be erased with time.


For foreign and domestic delegations to be complied with during their visit to the exclusion zone and the zone of absolute (mandatory) resettlement. The authorization to visit the exclusion zone may be provided to individuals, who have reached 18 years and have no medical contraindications for coming into contact with sources of ionizing radiation. While Chernobyl tour goes all foreign and Ukrainian nationals shall be obliged to comply with the radiation safety rules and to follow strictly the approved program of the visit, as well as to move around only according to the prescribed routes. Availability of the passport shall be required to cross the border of the exclusion zone at 'Dytyatky' police and dosimetry control checkpoint.

During your Chernobyl tour it is totally prohibited to:

  • Carry any kind of weapons;
  • Drink liquors or take drugs;
  • Have meal and smoke in the open air;
  • Touch any structures or vegetation;
  • Sit or place photo and video equipment on the ground;
  • Take any items outside the zone;
  • Violate the dress code (open-type shoes, shorts, trousers, skirts);
  • Stay in the exclusion zone without the officer responsible for the envoy.


Ukraine Military Tour "Soviet Union (USSR) Military Heritage" is specifically created for fans of military heritage of Soviet Union (USSR). The military tour let to visit the most interesting military sights of Ukraine: Military Museum "Skelja" ("The Rock") - Bunker of Joseph Stalin, Museum of Strategic Missile Forces, Ukraine State Aviation Museum, Museum of Long-Range and Strategic Aviation, Kiev Museum of History of Great Patriotic War, Mother Motherland, Stalin Tunnels. You travel around Ukraine over 1500 km / 932 miles by car to enjoy most interesting military sights and attractions of Ukraine. We try the best you have Perfect Travel Memories about Ukraine and Ukrainian people. You are welcome to Ukraine!





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